Hi my name is Kyle and I study at the University of Guelph. My major is hotel and food administration and I’m a fourth-year student. I’m here to talk about what you should know about what its like to study hotel and food administration at the university.

What is Hotel & Food Administration?

Hotel and food administration is a major at the university of Guelph under the commerce degree. It’s essentially Business Administration within the hospitality industry, focuses within hotels as well as restaurants.

Reason why you chose this Major?

The reason that I chose it was because hospitality industry is a good industry to pursue, if you’d like to travel, and I decided when I was in high school at Madison that I would like to pursue being able to travel while building my career.

What Quality should you check in a university to study Hotel & Food Admin?

You should definitely, check out the qualities of the universities your applying to for whichever major. It is important to know how they stack up against each other, it’s good to look at their reputation as well In University of Guelph you have a very long-standing reputation for the hotel and food administration. I’ve gone over to the Fairmont Banff Springs there was recognition of this program then I’m told it is recognized world wide.

When applying to university, if your looking to go towards hotel and food admin. Then University of Guelph is a good pick because it does have the Co op program. So, between your years of study, you will work for a year within the industry Often times rotating jobs to pick a hot seat, all different kind of levels of management as well as the fact that it’s a commerce degree so it’s well-rounded another other our subjects like accounting economics and marketing.

How many credits should you have to study Hotel & Food Administration in Canada?

When applying to the University of Guelph for hotel and food administration six university level or mixed level courses are needed from high school. One of them must be in grade 12 English and the others and advanced functions. It also helps to have any experience in the industry, but it’s not required.

How much does it cost averagely to study Hotel & Food Administration in Canada?

At my university tuition cost about $10,000 averagely per year   for a Canadian citizen and for international students it costs about $20,000 averagely for a year

What are the Financial Assistant Systems available for students if there is any?

For tuition payments there’s my national assistance available. Most of it goes through OSAP. We apply for OSAP, that apply for bursaries at the student financial services as there are a lot of bursaries and other student financial services

Is Hospitality & Food Administration complicated?

In hotel and food administration I would say so the more difficult parts are the case study and trying to figure out your best options for a lot of that case, to allow profit the most. Your often sit down with many different types of situations that you might have to do with the demographics of the hotel revenue streams or in the markets that try to hit and that you must come up with the best ways that they can target that market and benefit the revenue.

What is the major project done so far?

So one of the bigger projects that I have done in this degree, was the case on revenue management and it was a case where you have to study, essentially the income and revenue streams that the hotel was using, a real hotel that you can go anywhere else in Ontario, use their public numbers to figure out where they’re profiting and where they’re not. Appear that over time to see which revenue streams were increasing which ones were decreasing and then come up with a strategic way to capitalize on profits as well to reduce the deficit.

Majors to specialize in Hotel & Food Administration?

Hotel and food administration is a major in the Commerce degree. So, alongside the hospitality courses that you will take, you’ll be taking economics, management, marketing and accounting which is quite nice. It’s kind of get well-rounded in the commerce degree.

Top Three priorities while Studying Hotel & Food Administration?

Top three things that is important when going to university is to really meet your professors.  First day of class, welcome to your class, and give your name and face and tell them, you’re really interested in the class, just because your professors will remember you and it’s important to have that relationship in future. Second I do readings it’s kind of simple and easy to do, it does keep me on top of course which is nice and the last thing probably would be to be involved is really easy just to show up to class and leave  every day, but it’s important to see to try and get involved whatever student clubs you can and as well as anything  in the industry when it comes to the volunteering or working in a restaurant or a hotel

What courses to follow thoroughly which will be useful in this major?

Some of the courses that are important to study in high school and preparing for this major are, if your university offers anything in accounting, it’s really nice to have just because you will be doing a lot of accounting and have  that high school background really does help if you have anything in economic and marketing that’s amazing otherwise my personal experience I took math and science, because I thought I was going towards career in that sense. However, I did go this way and I don’t feel like I was ill prepared myself to go into hospitality. I do believe if you take grade 12 Chemistry as well you get to bypass one of our courses

What advice do you give for future students looking forward to study Hotel & Food Administration?

My advice to you for preparing this major, I would say see if that’s what you like. Try working in a restaurant and hospitality industry and see if you enjoy this. I think it’s a job where it’s all about guest satisfaction and really being able to apply them experience unforgettable. So, they can go home and want to come back to whichever establishment you run. If you don’t think this is not the right student kind of job career for you then, it’s good to check it out to see if it is something you like.

It’s important to dip your foot in the water of hospitality and see if you do like working for hospitality industry. Just because I find that it is quite different to others isn’t your standard 9-5 oftentimes your working in weekends and holidays. The thing with this industry is that it’s a lot of fun and if you take pleasure and provided people with sense of my experiences, I think you’ll really do well on this major.

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