Now every student knows what a project is.  It is where real-life context and technology to the curriculum been bought. Through project-based learning, students are encouraged to become independent workers, critical thinkers, and lifelong thinkers. Danika Perera is a very good example as to why every student needs to take their school or university projects seriously.

He is an entrepreneur who had never owned an android phone yet owns the Basha apps, which has about three products under its name. Starting with the first app SETT Browser, then came Helakuru in 2012 and then the digital payment system named Pay here in March 2018.

Danika Perera has been a person who has taken projects very seriously since his school days. His first project for the advanced level was named Maanawaya a Sinhala software. He created it with so much passion that he took it to the next stage in his university project then named SETT browser, a web browser for Sinhala and Tamil.

SETT Browser was the first product under the name of Basha after he won the mbillionth South Asian Award in 2011. He started gaining attention from clients since the award starting with Etisalat being the first customer.

We have learned that success needs to be a continuous journey and not a destination. Danika Perera proves it right too by launching Helakuru. Helakuru came in to picture in 2012 when it had a glitch. The SETT browser only allowed viewing in Sinhala. It didn’t allow commenting in Sinhala. This is where Helakuru was born.

Then he decides to go further in his innovations where he found an issue with the digital payment world in Sri Lanka. He says he has waited for a long time for PayPal and stripe to take over. Unfortunately, they never had made an entry. Instead, he takes the problem to his hands and comes up with PayHere a digital payment platform.

His story is a very good lesson for all students who are working on projects. Someday maybe the project your working on will lead you to be successful. If this hasn’t inspired you then what will?

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