In a stage where Asia remains a warning for the global steel industry with concerns remaining about the US-China trade conflicts and unsolved production glut, questions arise how does a Sri Lankan based steel company survive successfully throughout. Thiruchelvan Sundaram a Sri Lankan national, born to a middle-class family with three sisters whose father was a businessman (Mr. Sundaram)– a department store owner and mother (Mrs. Vasanthal) a homemaker, owns a leading steel trade company across Asia.

His journey to pursue his dream has been an inspiring story lately to see his business surviving successfully. Thiruchelvam Sundaram has been a constant struggling worker to succeed in every aspect of life. He had a major shift in the sun, at the age of 13, when his childhood was taken away when his father had passed away. He was to take his duly responsibilities as the only man in the house to his shoulders to look after the father’s departmental store while serving the family.

His only aim at the age was to complete his secondary education which he knew was the most important while beating himself up to shut down his sorrow for his loss. Completing his secondary education without his higher studies he takes over his father’s department store which was completely Greek to him.

He explains that the amount of stress and depression he leads himself into, by taking over his dads work, without the right guidance, left him completely numb which lead to many breakups in his family relationships and also leaving him to distrust himself of his abilities.
When he decided to go with another business investment, the financial aid wasn’t so much. He had constantly tried taking bank loans and family aids which has always ended in getting disapproved.

Leaving him with very frustrating choices to get the finances, his only option was to he sell his family business and to rent the property. He made a deal of 2000$ for his father’s store and $80 monthly for property rental.

He realized the failure to his father’s business was because he lacked the knowledge to manage the store. Instead of investing in business he decides to educate himself from a top-notch college.  During this time, he builds his connections to his foreseeing future in the business. He also gains experience and had easy access to many successful people in the global market while working as a Marketing Executive in an Insurance company.
With hope in his walk, while feeding his family with many dedications and sleepless nights he steps into the steel trading industry with the help of his connections and his cousin who is still working along with him named the organization as the Stenco International trading company.

Being a firm believer of sustaining achievement is the right path to success, he decides to take his first business trip to China in 2014 with the motive of growing his business Internationally but it hadn’t been as expected due to Cultural, Food and Language barriers he greeted with.


But his motive had been greater than the doubts and challenges he constantly invited, which lead suppliers to leave him as a trustworthy source to collaborate.
Now with over 20 Collaborating partners across Asia Stenco International Trading Company stand as a strong entity having majority client in Asia and South-Eastern Asia with a vibrant and diversified portfolio with its vision being to reach greater heights in business turnover and to hold the largest portfolio of products of its valued customers.

With great pride, he explains the top priorities that lead him to be successful has been due to end to end working on the defects and failures in the service, the quality of product delivery to his customers that satisfy him as a right decision made by himself and rewarding productive employees who assist his journey.

As set, he is in the Steel Market across Asia, his future investment is to see himself in another industry which is Tourism & Hotel Management in Sri Lanka. It is important for us to know that it is us who control ourselves. Despite the lack of knowledge and a great loss to the family Mr. Thiruchelvam Sundaram walked the talk and proved himself wrong when he succeeded to be a leading international trader. Let us wake up from our dreams and start working.

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