Nowman Kareem a Sri Lankan Nationalist in Australia with charted certified Accounting knowledge, a student of business school, National University of Singapore, Latrobe University and CISI, takes a different take on his life when he realized was more than an Accountant.

He has been a dreamer of fashion from the age of 15 but has not been sure because he wasn’t the model material and didn’t realize it would get him somewhere. Hence he decided to study accounting and being accountant as his plan.

His family had a desire to see Nowman Kareem to run his own business. They compelled him to be his own boss due to family commitments and backgrounds which forced him venture into trying to figure out what sort of family business he should open and how to.
He explains by giving immense amount of praise to Mr. Fouzul Hameed his uncle who runs Hameedia’s, a well established business for over 60 years in Sri Lanka has been the one whose advice he has taken into consideration to open up the first ever Envoy London.

Envoy London in Australia grew over the years, that he ran 4 stores across Australia. But his dreams are yet a dream about fashion until he connected with Mr. World and Ms. World. This has given him the opportunity to re launch Mr. World Australia. Down that lane he becomes the national director for many International pageants for men and women owning Mr. Tourism and Mr. Universal Ambassador that he became a well known person starring in televisions, newspapers and radio.

This achievement hasn’t come easy for him. He says “No Risk, no business. No Pain No gain”. He continues to explain the challenges he faced was real. Sleepless nights and getting out of comfort zone was a major sacrifice he did to be where he is right now. In addition, he also had to beg money from his family and friends not knowing how much he will be able to profit. The hardest decision he has taken was when he decided to expand his business inter state. Coming from another country and establishing in Melbourne and looking for options had been risky one for him. Not knowing the people and trying to get their support too. He says the risk was all worth it. When he got the hang of it, the entire Australia knew him.

He then decides to sustain this achievement by making his dreams come true by putting his passion for fashion in one platform to market his brand and supporting other vendors. He names the platform Brides Of Asia. Brides of Asia is now a well established, largest Multi cultural wedding and fashion expo that’s done collaborating with designers from Asian continents in Australia. He succeeds by acting up on his dream for fashion through Brides Of Asia even though he didn’t think he had it in him.

The content of his success leads him, as a part of Brides of Asia to help an underprivileged girl from Asian Continents to get married every year. It’s a foundation where designers, jewellery makers and make up artists hold hands to make her dreams come true for which he has been awarded the Peace award from the United Nations Youth International for his contribution to the society. He defined success not only through sustaining his achievements in the field he desires but also contributing to society.

Nowman Kareems desire to fashion has led him to sustain his achievements leading him to Fame which has given him the opportunity to see himself In Canadian and US Markets in the next few years.

We wish him well for his future endeavors thanking him for the opportunity given for us to cover his story.

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Fiona Cambouropoulos

A real example of being brave and following your dreams. This is a wonderful uplifting story and I hope he continues to go from strength to strength.


I also wish him continued good luck and success, he’s achieved so much already. But I think is passion will be all the drive he needs to keep it going.

Cassie Mac

Love this! He is so amazing! It all starts with a dream that is achievable by putting in work and effort!


Thank you for sharing this lovely story!

Julietta M.
Julietta M.

Wow sounds like an amazing job! Great story and nice to hear his hard work has paid off!

Christie Moeller

Such a great expample of using your strengths to follow your dreams! Love it.


so cool! We MUST follow our dreams. this is a perfect example of that fact!


I love his story. He is an example that dreams do come true, His passion brings him of what he has now. Truly an inspiration


it is nice that you have written something about a one who have been able to archive his dream!

London Mumma

I love this, truly inspiring. Love that his hard work has paid off sand he is reaping the amazing rewards.


It is important to follow your dream, no matter what your family or friends think. And have courage!

Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

This is a wonderful story. I wish him continued success

Jasmine Hewitt

this is so interesting! I love the inspiration in this post too! Way to chase those dreams

Bethany Stout

What an inspiring post, I love seeing others be successful following their dreams, thanks for sharing.

Emily Leary

What a wonderful and inspirational story! I loved the video clip and I wish him happiness and continued success for the future!