In a market where you can find many car dealerships, finding the right one will not be an easy job. You will most likely shop around a lot until you find the right car according to your need. Being a good first-time car buyer isn’t easy but if it’s worth doing and it is then its worth doing well. Mr. Nadeesh Perera 26,  born to hotelier Late Mr. Nihal Perera and a journalist mother Late Mrs. Vidyani Perera explains his journey of how he understood the frustration of shopping around to buy a vehicle and creating a digital platform to make customers easily access car information. 

Nadeesh Perera has been a dreamer to be a professional cricketer during his childhood.  But he hasn’t received the right opportunity to make it into reality for all the complications and hardships of getting into cricket board. To pass time and figure out what his passions were about, He decides to pursue his career in the banking field and understand how the monetary world operates. His banking career doesn’t last long when he came to an agreement with himself it was not something he preferred to work for the long term.

He gains a desire towards the automotive industry and decides to leave the well reputed financial institution after working for 3 years and join a well established Automotive company. During this time he realizes most of the potential clients are often too busy to visit a physical showroom.  While working in the automotive company he starts to grow his passion towards creating a platform to improve client experience in the vehicle retail market.

With 4 years in the automotive industry, with his experience and insight into how the automotive market operates he decides to take a big leap in his life by resigning from the place and deciding into operating his own automotive company, with enhanced features to the digital platform. He spends a lot of time researching and tapping into the expertise of his network to come up with a viable business plan.

As all business owners face, he too faced his challenges without backing down. The biggest challenge for him had been how to create brand awareness and enter into digital space, within a market which has already been dominated by giant companies and how to remain competitive.

When questioned about the financial support he received to build this company, he thankfully said that the business was structured in a way that could be funded with his own savings and knowledge, where Mrs. Nuha Perera, wife of Nadeesh Perera is investing herself as the Digital Marketing Strategist and he handles the overall marketing and creative side. So he didn’t face much of a conflict in this stage. But trying to convince the strategic partners to get on board with them wasn’t as easy as he thought since he was a newbie to the industry. He praised his Head of Business Development Mr. Shevon Anthony Peiris whose contribution to My Car 24/7 cannot be given value for the acceleration in his business grew exponentially that they are leading the right direction.

Working with the right people, understanding their customers need, being continuously innovative and improving ways in how they do the work, has made his way, easier to overcome the challenges. He says it is important to one, to understand these priorities when you own a business.

To a man where success was associated with winning trophies in his childhood, he says that success has a completely different meaning to him now. He defines success by achieving his goals and dreams and working in the right direction to make himself feel accomplished.

Aspiring to grow and develop his skills as an entrepreneur, with a vision of creating a leading digital platform for vehicles in the country, he is now a successful  digital vehicle dealer providing comprehensive solutions to prospective car buyers striving to make car shopping experience a smooth and hassle-free for his clients while providing a personalized service at every stage.
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