Being a business woman, in a high end business world that is being dominated by men mostly, it can be hard to blaze a path and facilitate the introductions and connections into some elite business network.  Struggles can be numerous for a business woman while trying to balance work and family life balance.

It is truly a great sense of pride, business women must take by trying to build a company by being able to defy social expectations, the struggles to be taken seriously, building a support network and trying to cope with fear of failure simultaneously along with juggling family life.

Heena Mohanlal is one out of the few women standing with a head held high with pride among the dominated industries. Her investments lies on herself where she consumes her time in learning her passion for bringing the beauty every women wishes. She is also one of the few, that has her name engraved on being the finalist at the Brisbane Women in Business Awards for community dedication and social justice, finalist in Mrs. Pacific Islands national contest – Adelaide Australia & Finalist in Mrs. Australasia National contest – Adelaide.

Heena’s journey starts in 2015 where she conquers the title Mrs. Universe Pacific Islands. Her career since then has routed her towards a pavement leading to Fashion Industry which bring her to become a public icon. As an award winning therapist from AIAS, Heena owns not only a pageant title but also founds an international renowned business, celebrity makeovers.

Celebrity makeovers, a well known name to many Australians and celebrity artists, offers hair styling and makeup for weddings, makeups for photo shoots, formal and corporate events. The company has been involved in makeup division for Mrs. Universe contest, IFFAA – The Indian Film Festival and Awards of Australia, Fiji Fashion Week, theater makeup, glamour fashion photo shoot, bridal photo shoots, wedding functions, corporate and private events.

The company’s’ worth is given by its clientele that recommends it highly for the bringing out the beauty uniquely by identifying each skin type. Interviewing Heena, whose originally from Fiji now residing in Australia with her other significant Hitesh Mohanlal expressed building a name for herself and working to grow her own company had its ups and downs.

When did you get involved in the Make up Industry?

I started my career in make up artistry and hair styling back in  2012. I always from a very young age loved glamorizing my friends and relatives. I’ve said my career and make-up artistry hair styling back in 1998 as part time on weekends only

Was it easier to start working in the make up industry?

No, it is never an easy road juggling it with a young family. I first got my qualification from London in in 1998.   I then completed my diploma in Australia. I further trained under the Ash Kumar academy to polish my skills. It was challenging studying, taking care of my young family and managing our social calendar. It was still worth it.

How did you start this company?

My husband Hitesh, provided funds for me to start the business. It was a spontaneous decision considering my passion for the industry and the flexibility it provided for my family life. The hardest part was the time commitment I had to put in, meaning I had less time to spend with my family.

What was it like in the beginning when you started?

It was super exciting however extremely time and energy consuming.

What mindset helped you to be successful?

I was not going to myself to fail. I know I have it in me to succeed. Hard work and dedication always pays off.

How did you make your first sale?

I made a phone call to a close friend to come in to my studio for a pamper session and so she did.

What was your biggest mistake?

Spent way too much on buying products then I actually needed. I guess carried away the excitement.

What motivated you to open the business and where yourself in the next few years?

My motivation comes from my passion for ladies for their special day. I see myself pursuing my dream in my business for many years to come.

What are your top 3 priorities as a business owner?

Excellent quality of work, customer satisfaction, authenticity.

What does success mean to you?

In my business, customer satisfaction means success.

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