Hammad Safi, age only 12 years, comes from Peshawar, the capital city of Pakistan to wealthy family feeding his brain with many books and data. He is an infectious motivational speaker, groomed and molded with confidence that carries a bigger attitude needed for public speaking

This young motivational speaker, dreaming to be a legend and a good leader in the future became an internet viral story when he started uploading motivational videos and lectures on Facebook. One of which gained many viewers to his lecture in Peshawar University. The video titled “ Hammad Safi Peshawar University Lecture” was watched over by million viewers across the world.

This popularity instantly gained him the title “Nanha Professor” (Little professor). Hammad decided to polish his speeches and groom himself to practice hand gestures to further pursue his knowledge on inspiring people by attending to University Of Spoken English (USECS).

He is the best example of big things comes in small packages. The value of his speeches inspiring people on many topics, he yet to experience, but with gathered information through technology and books, attract many listeners to give all ears to what’s spoken.

At 10 years old he is a professor at a private English university teaching students twice his age!

“I don’t get bored, I enjoy it a lot. There are so many students, I teach them, I give them lecture, I have a lot of fun. Behind my success is my teachers’ hands, their hard work.”

His inspiration comes from Allama Iqbal. He wishes to follow Iqbal’s footsteps and be a great leader

“God willing, I am going to become a leader”

Hammad believes that Pakistan is not about terrorism.

“I want to give this message to the world that we are not terrorists and I am the proof of that. We have talent in our country, we have everything, we only need to work hard.”

Proving a whole nation, that talent is existing, but the system is failing to meet the demands of the skills, Hammad speaks to motivate and inspire the young and adults to find themselves.

Bilal Khan, a political science student twice Safi’s age who came to listen to his speech and says had an emotional impact on him. “A few months ago I was really disappointed with life … I was thinking about suicide because there are no jobs and no success in life,” he says. “Then I saw a movie of Hammad Safi. I thought if an 11-year-old child can do anything, why can’t I?”

Presenting Pakistan, a positive image, Hammad Safi following Allama Iqbal, a renowned poet widely regarded as having inspired the movement to create Pakistan, Safi says: “If he had not been there, I or anyone else would surely be cleaning the toilet in the house of an Englishman.”

His objectives with bigger visions explain he walks the talk by challenging himself day by day starting a career at a younger age lecturing at University of spoken English, successfully anchoring a TV shows and gaining a worldwide fan base to his YouTube channel which has over 200,000 subscribers.

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