This is the main reason that stops us from reaching the destination we seek. What is Fear? How do we conquer it? Most of us would say it is the scare, the worry or the terror. But is it really? Aren’t the scare, the worry or the terror just something felt within. These are categorized under Feelings.  If we looked at fear as just an Emotion, a feeling, will it change the perspective of how you see fear?  

In a situation where we have great ideas, fear is good. It is an indication that your worried for failure which will motivate you to work harder to achieve. Fear can be conquered if we have the right mindset to understand that it is not a physical obstacle that’s hard to achieve.

According to psychology today, it explains that fear can keep you stuck. So it is up to you to decide if you want to be stuck or help yourself find the courage to committing to your idea is more worth.


We, humans, are always prone to disbelieve ourselves every time. Be it to approach someone in a relationship or to act upon our dreams, we tend to first compare our capabilities to others not noticing the value within is unique. Therefore, we fail oneself.

It is important that we understand that our abilities are unique, and it is why you have an idea or product that is yet to be acted on. If we tend to doubt ourselves rather than preparing to work on your idea, this tends to give more power to doubt to control us.  Doubt makes you believe that you are an incapable person and drop your product planning to trash.

You need to start by suspending the disbelief and raising the bar of your life. This belief will help you test, experiment and try new things out of your comfort zone even when things feel uncertain.

There is no value or good to your idea if you fail to believe yourself. Remember that the first key to success is believing in yourself. It is the right start to suspending disbelief.


We all know, no matter how hard & quick we plan and organize ourselves to start up a business, financially conflicted thoughts will end that phase and trash the idea. We decide it is of a bigger risk to put down the money as an investment not knowing the end result will of a positive one.

Let me recite you a famous quote from Jack Ma (the Ali Baba founder) that has inspired me to start up my creation.  He said “If you put bananas and money in front of a monkey, he will choose bananas not knowing that the money can buy more bananas. If we offer jobs and business to people they will choose jobs, because many people don’t know business can bring you more money than salaries. Salaries can make your living, but profits can bring you a fortune”.

Understand, you do not have to come from a privileged background to make it big. That is the beauty of capitalism. Most of the great people started with very little. Some of them being Jack Ma who was constantly rejected from KFC now owns Ali Baba a multinational technology company who didn’t even have computer experience.

Jim Carrey comedian Actor who is a successful actor was once a janitor to support his family. He also worked around learning disability dyslexia to succeed in school.
These leaders had visions, passion, and determination to be successful. Financial conflicts were considered just another obstacle they had to face to succeed. 


Most of us struggle when it comes to whom to ask advice for when starting a business. We think we have turned to the right person until we fail miserably, and you cannot complain about it because we agreed to part of its advice. When it comes to taking advice, you should know there is two type of people involved. One who is the advisor and the other the experienced one, the coach. Now when it comes to the business world, the advisor might be the one who is watching you try to get your business off the ground, but in reality, they don’t believe your business.

The advisor genuinely wants you to succeed and genuinely want you to be successful, but they may tell you not to make certain decisions fearing you might fail and that you should keep the job and not helping you to move forward with your business. They are saying this because they have their best interest in you. With that said though, this will only stop you from taking that risk and moving forward with your business leading you for more frustrations and more overwhelm working under another risk taker whom you are helping to succeed.

Now a coach is someone who has already accomplished what you are looking to accomplish within whatever journey you are beginning your life with. An Adviser, on the other hand, is someone who hasn’t accomplished a goal in the specific field, yet still might give advice about what you should and shouldn’t do, without really having walked the talk themselves. Understand that while an adviser might truly care about you to an extreme degree, it will backfire and keep you from taking certain decisions that you know should take. Find someone who has what you want, do what they do and chances are you will get what they have got. 



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