Monday, September 28, 2020


Struggles In Business

When Struggles come, Learning to deal with it Will be an Added Experience Gained
A leaders destiny

Leader’s Path

The path a leader paves for it's followers will never be appreciated, But the follower who races the path will always be credited

Potential Is Bigger Than Your Excuse

If your potential is bigger than your excuse, Your mind will be in favour of your skill

If Nothing Is Going Right

If nothing is going right, look left to see where you went wrong

Failing Plan

If you keep failing, Your plan doesn't work Change You Plan But not your goal

I Possess Traits Not Experience

Dear Hiring Manager, I may not have experience but I possess traits for the job.

Work To Follow Your Dreams

Don't work to pay your bills, Work to Follow your dreams

Success Is

Success is a continuous journey, by keeping the force of creating, and sustaining your achievement in the field that makes you happy

Success Does Not Come Without Failure

Success doesn't come without failure unless you have inherited it

Fear Is Just An Emotion

Fear is just an emotion, Don't let it hold you back


Are You Successful Yet? How Do We Measure It?

Trying to define what success really is, with one definition has been a debatable one. When asked, every individual had different opinions on success....

Success Is

A leaders destiny

Leader’s Path