Tuesday, August 20, 2019


You Can Not Climb The Ladder Of Success

You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pocket

Start Today

Start today and you are step closer to goal

Fear Is Just An Emotion

Fear is just an emotion, Don't let it hold you back

I Possess Traits Not Experience

Dear Hiring Manager, I may not have experience but I possess traits for the job.

If You Consider Yourself As A Product In The Market

If you consider yourself as a product in the market, what would you invest yourself in

Everytime You Want To Give Up

Everytime you want to give up, Remember why you started

Easy To Say

It's Easy to say than to do, But You will Never Know How Easy it will be Without Trying to do

If Nothing Is Going Right

If nothing is going right, look left to see where you went wrong

If Your Life Is Running Backwards

If you feel your life is running backward, worry not. Just like an arrow pulled back to hit its target, you will soon reach your goal  

Failing Plan

If you keep failing, Your plan doesn't work Change You Plan But not your goal



Potential is always bigger than the problem

Success Is

Where Hard Work Lead