Friday, July 10, 2020


Stop Focusing That You Failed

Stop focusing that you failed, Start focusing how you failed

What To Expect In A Business

In Business, You don't get what you expect, You get what you negotiate.

Success Is

Success is a continuous journey, by keeping the force of creating, and sustaining your achievement in the field that makes you happy
Mothers Love

I Love You

The only "I Love you" that last a lifetime comes from Mothers'

Everytime You Want To Give Up

Everytime you want to give up, Remember why you started

Fear Is Just An Emotion

Fear is just an emotion, Don't let it hold you back

The Power Of Doubt

The more you doubt, the more power you give doubt to control you

Success Does Not Come Without Failure

Success doesn't come without failure unless you have inherited it


The Harder You Work

The more Harder you work, The more zeros you will add Be lazy to work the zero you become