Friday, August 7, 2020


Attitude Quote

What defines you?

Your PROFESSION doesn't define you. Your ATTITUDE does.
Mothers Love

I Love You

The only "I Love you" that last a lifetime comes from Mothers'

Patience & Hard-Work

Patience and hard work that needs to work together for achievements
Hate Me

Hate Me

Hate Me, If I wronged you Not If Someone says I wronged them
A leaders destiny

Leader’s Path

The path a leader paves for it's followers will never be appreciated, But the follower who races the path will always be credited


Criticism is a positive compliment Because it comes people who less than you

What a Fool Says

Only a fool says "I know it" But a wise says "Let's Learn it"   Where do you belong
Reason you haven't achieved yet

You Are Not There Yet?

The reason you are not there yet Because you are still attached to who are

The Right Place To Be

You are never in the wrong place in life You are in the right place looking at things from the wrong corner
Quotes of Motivation

Seek Your Potential

Always seek your potential The experience will guide you


Start Today

Start today and you are step closer to goal

Start Working Now

The Power Of Doubt

Work To Follow Your Dreams