Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Hammad Safi, The Youngest Motivational Speaker

Hammad Safi, age only 12 years, comes from Peshawar, the capital city of Pakistan to wealthy family feeding his brain with many books and data. He is an infectious motivational speaker, groomed and molded with confidence that carries a...

CEO Of Amazon To Recall Sri Lankan Who Solved His Math Problem

Recently Jeff Bezos the founder and the CEO of Amazon created quite a tension around Sri Lanka for his recalling of a Sri Lankan student back in the day at the University of Princeton, who helped him solve a math equation....

The Only Teacher To Teach Ambidextrous

Have you heard of anyone who used both hands to write? In fact, to write different languages and subjects? Well, you got to believe, a local school in a village is helping students to practice both handwriting skills. This...

A Dedicator For A Better Tomorrow

Based on many recommendations and votes, we were able to reach and connect with a teacher who has taught over 5000 students in Sri Lanka. She was well known for her rules that bought discipline for many students to...


Seek Your Potential

Always seek your potential The experience will guide you

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