Tuesday, August 20, 2019


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Seek Your Potential

Always seek your potential The experience will guide you

The Story Of The Healthy Lollipop Maker

It’s October soon, and excitement kicks into both adults and kids when days are nearing the month end. Halloween, the day that’s given a lot of attention for candies and costumes by both kids and adults.  Supermarkets make a huge...

The Writer Who Leverages New Media To Conquer Tomorrow’s Media Business Landscape

When talked about content writers, the picture that draws in our mind is a journalist, a blogger or digital copywriter. But content writers these days are doing so much more than putting words on a paper. One of whom,...

A Dedicator For A Better Tomorrow

Based on many recommendations and votes, we were able to reach and connect with a teacher who has taught over 5000 students in Sri Lanka. She was well known for her rules that bought discipline for many students to...

What You Should Know Before Applying To Study Hotel & Food Administration In Canada?

  Hi my name is Kyle and I study at the University of Guelph. My major is hotel and food administration and I'm a fourth-year student. I'm here to talk about what you should know about what its like to...

Are You Successful Yet? How Do We Measure It?

Trying to define what success really is, with one definition has been a debatable one. When asked, every individual had different opinions on success. One would say the financial stability, some would say the graduation, then some said the...

I Possess Traits Not Experience

Dear Hiring Manager, I may not have experience but I possess traits for the job.

Flaws Of Winter Dressing

It is that time of the year where temperature is dropping and you just want to layer like you don’t care. So here is a low down on how to look hot when it is cold and the fashion do’s and...

Raj Khurana, A Success Fortuned From Smiles

Success was defined variously by various entrepreneurs in different industries. To entertainment industry classifying success surely is not an easy one. Having to work on different aspects to give the perfect ambiance to its people surely consumes a lot...