Sunday, June 7, 2020


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Attitude Quote

What defines you?

Your PROFESSION doesn't define you. Your ATTITUDE does.
Imaater Inspiration

January Question

What is the Highest Paid Job in the World? COMMENT your answers  and tag 5 friends to the Facebook comment section  below showing post   You can now WIN 25$ MONTHLY All you have to do answer the question that the team posts...
A leaders destiny

Leader’s Path

The path a leader paves for it's followers will never be appreciated, But the follower who races the path will always be credited
Reason you haven't achieved yet

You Are Not There Yet?

The reason you are not there yet Because you are still attached to who are

The Dominating Stage Lighters in Montreal

This weeks highlight grabs the attention of a group that moves rhythmically to music and narrates movies through their sways. Caper, frisk, leap, jump, prance ... you name it; they have it grooving to bring out a cinema on...
Quotes of Motivation

Seek Your Potential

Always seek your potential The experience will guide you

Praneeth Udumalagala, A Triumphing Basketball Star Over Obstacles

Praneeth Udumalagala, a name known to many Sri Lankan basketball players for his outstanding achievements that shows off in athletics and academic expertise. Praneeth, is a young dedicator, as a trainer and a player bringing superlative energy and results to...

Heena Mohanlal, The Beauty To Found Celebrity Makeovers

Being a business woman, in a high end business world that is being dominated by men mostly, it can be hard to blaze a path and facilitate the introductions and connections into some elite business network.  Struggles can be...

Flaws Of Winter Dressing

It is that time of the year where temperature is dropping and you just want to layer like you don’t care. So here is a low down on how to look hot when it is cold and the fashion do’s and...

Raj Khurana, A Success Fortuned From Smiles

Success was defined variously by various entrepreneurs in different industries. To entertainment industry classifying success surely is not an easy one. Having to work on different aspects to give the perfect ambiance to its people surely consumes a lot...


Best Investment In Business

In Business, the best investment is the right mindset not how much dollars we have invested.
Reason you haven't achieved yet

You Are Not There Yet?

Quotes of Motivation

Seek Your Potential

Struggles In Business