Sunday, June 7, 2020


Heena Mohanlal, The Beauty To Found Celebrity Makeovers

Being a business woman, in a high end business world that is being dominated by men mostly, it can be hard to blaze a path and facilitate the introductions and connections into some elite business network.  Struggles can be...

Raj Khurana, A Success Fortuned From Smiles

Success was defined variously by various entrepreneurs in different industries. To entertainment industry classifying success surely is not an easy one. Having to work on different aspects to give the perfect ambiance to its people surely consumes a lot...

The Story Of The Healthy Lollipop Maker

It’s October soon, and excitement kicks into both adults and kids when days are nearing the month end. Halloween, the day that’s given a lot of attention for candies and costumes by both kids and adults.  Supermarkets make a huge...

The Writer Who Leverages New Media To Conquer Tomorrow’s Media Business Landscape

When talked about content writers, the picture that draws in our mind is a journalist, a blogger or digital copywriter. But content writers these days are doing so much more than putting words on a paper. One of whom,...

“If You Want To Touch The Sky, Only Do Things For Your Wife”

In an era where batman, Superman and Spiderman is a fantasy living among kids and adults, a passionate determined Indian has been working to be a pad man to help under privileged women to afford Sanitary pads. This might...


Where Hard Work Lead

Shoes take you to places, Hard work leads you to destination

The Power Of Doubt