Trying to define what success really is, with one definition has been a debatable one. When asked, every individual had different opinions on success. One would say the financial stability, some would say the graduation, then some said the health and career stability. But does it end there?
Aren’t all these just achievements you worked for with an aim. You set a goal and you achieve it. Then again you set another goal and try to achieve it. Then, again and again, you keep repeating one after another. Some may fail and some you achieve.
In that case, we all have or at least most of us have achieved at least one goal we worked for and can claim success.

Aims are unlimited, what if we fail to achieve some. Then it is not a continuous success.
The Internet also says that success is a tingling feeling after achieving an aim. But for how long? Shouldn’t success be a continuous feeling? Can we claim success when we can’t sustain it? Can we claim success if we achieved an aim without our desire?
Can we claim success by being unhappy on the road to achieving it?

Having a car, or having millions in a bank account doesn’t make you successful unless you haven’t defined success to yourself correctly. The right definition of success for me is a continuous journey by keeping the force of creating and sustaining my achievement in the field I desire that makes me happy.
What about you?

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